Brazil Nuts


Sourced fresh from the Peruvian Amazon Forest, Andes Range Natural Shelled Brazil Nuts are rich in Selenium with a dietary value of 174%. A single nut contains approx 68 to 91 mcg of Selenium which is good enough for daily intake for an adult.


The Amazon Rain Forest is home to exquisite plants that bear some exotic fruits, spices and nuts. And Andes Range aims to bring this superfood sourced straight from its origins to the discerning Indian consumer. Known as the ‘King of Tree Nuts’, Brazil nuts are packed with a wide range of minerals like Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Thiamin, Vitamin E, Calcium and so on.

The Brazil Nuts are triangular seeds obtained from the Brazil nut tree. The Brazil nut tree is found naturally in the Amazon forest region. It is a rich source of Selenium, which is a rare and essential mineral which aids in reproduction, metabolism and cellular immunity. Natural Shelled Brazil Nuts from Andes Range is fresh, organic and highly nutritious. The raw or processed Brazil nuts can be consumed as a snack or can be used in a recipe.

Brazil Nuts are vacuum packed in 85 micron, food grade, BPA free vacuum pouches to retain its freshness and to increase its shelf life. Since these are very special nuts, it is always beneficial to eat less or as recommended.

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Natural shelled brazil nuts




1,917 µg


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